Flood of Grace

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Have you ever stood under a waterfall on a hot day  and felt the torrent of cool water flowing over you?  Imagine that water is God’s grace.  Paul the Apostle says in Ephesians 1:7 that in Christ we have forgiveness of sin according to the riches of God’s grace, which he “lavished” upon us.

“Lavish” is an amazing word!  It is the hugs and kisses of a soldier’s family when he returns from war, it is your Great Aunt bursting through the front door on Christmas morning with dozens of gifts for you, it is my kids pouring syrup on their waffles until the waffles begin to float!

To lavish is to flood.

And that’s what God did.  He flooded us with his grace, his kindness, his forgiveness to take away our sins and make us his own.  When we messed up our lives, when we threw away everything our parents did for us, when we broke bones and homes and smashed cars, when we failed as husbands and parents, when we cheated, stole, gossiped, exalted ourselves and put others down, when we ignored God or outright spit in his face with our rebellion, he flooded us with grace.

That is God’s grace.  He didn’t take his thumb and touch our face with it, he poured it out of his bottomless bottle, washing away the mountain of sin we made.

Grace makes us new.  When we are lavished with God’s grace it begins to remake us from the inside.  We are the guy who was on death row who got pardoned for no good reason.  Then the Judge says he wants to be our Father.  He welcomes us into the grandest family and we find that he offers us not only a new life but a new life with Him, the One who made life.

Some people think it’s dangerous to preach grace, because people will take advantage of it, take God’s Word lightly and not obey him.  It’s just the opposite: true grace makes us new.  Grace shows us how much we were forgiven.  It’s dangerous not to preach grace.