John 10 The Full Life

In the growing conflict with the religious leaders (false shepherds) of his day, Jesus lays out what it means to be a true “shepherd” of God’s people. In this teaching about the Good Shepherd Jesus touches on something central to the gospel: in receiving him we get the promise of abundant life. In this message we’ll look at what this means.

John 7 Is Anyone Thirsty?

In this chapter we follow Jesus to the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem. Amidst growing opposition, Jesus defends his healing of a paralyzed man on the Sabbath, turning it into an accusation against the religious authorities–and ultimately a subtle rebuke against them for their lack of mercy.

[Note: there is a break in the recording around the 8 minute mark, where some of the sermon was lost.]

John 5 The Man at the Pool

In John chapter 5, Jesus comes across a disabled man by a pool that was supposed to having healing powers. The man was waiting for the stirring of the waters in hopes of being healed. Jesus supersedes the presumed power of the pool and heals the man, which leads to a run-in with the religious authorities, which leads to Jesus’ discourse on his divine authority to give life and to judge the fates of humanity.

John 3 “Born Again”

In chapter 3 of John’s Gospel Jesus begins to talk about the notion of being born again. Theologians call this the doctrine of regeneration, in which a person goes from spiritual death to life by placing their faith in Christ. This chapter also gives us perhaps the most famous Bible verse: John 3:16. So we take an in-depth look at what Jesus is saying in this verse about finding life.