Abortion: Only One Question

In this message we are taking a break from our series in the Gospel of John to look at the topic of abortion. Specifically, we’re addressing what seems to be the most important–if not the only–question: Is the unborn human?

If the unborn are human, then shouldn’t they be afforded the same rights as already-born humans–including the right not to be killed unjustly? We explore this argument in depth, looking at common questions such as, “Shouldn’t abortion be available in the case of rape?” “What does God think of me if I’ve had an abortion?” among others.

John 10 The Full Life

In the growing conflict with the religious leaders (false shepherds) of his day, Jesus lays out what it means to be a true “shepherd” of God’s people. In this teaching about the Good Shepherd Jesus touches on something central to the gospel: in receiving him we get the promise of abundant life. In this message we’ll look at what this means.