Did Jesus Rise From the Dead? pt. 1

This message introduces us to the historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus. We also look at alternative theories to the resurrection proposed by skeptics. Given its centrality to Christianity, if one could disprove the resurrection of Christ, they would show the Bible to be false. In this sense, Christianity is historically falsifiable. Therefore it’s crucial to spend some time looking at the historical grounds for the resurrection.

John 18 Jesus the King

This chapter is built around the three trials (interrogations) of Jesus and the three denials of the Apostle Peter. It is the night before Jesus is crucified. His betrayer Judas has gone off and secured a mob to come and arrest Jesus. They take him to two Jewish high priests and ultimately to Pilate, the local Roman governor. The chapter ends with Jesus’ self-identification as King–but with a twist: his kingdom is not going to be established right now. In this sermon we ask what impact Jesus’ kingly authority should have on our daily lives.