Mark 15: Jesus is Killed

God’s story revolves around the cross. Mark 15 gives us the account of Jesus’ trial, death and burial. Jesus’ death, as we learn in the New Testament letters (Romans-Revelation), is the sacrifice that paid the pride for our sins. Jesus died as a substitute for us, justified us (cleared the divine charges that were against us because of our sin), and reconciled us to God.

Mark 13: The Return of the King

Mark 13 gives us Jesus’ breakdown of the future.  It starts with a question from his disciples and ends with Jesus exhorting his followers to stand firm during persecution and to be alert and serving him and his mission.  How does this relate to us?  At the end of the chapter Jesus compares us to servants in a household–each with a task to be busy about until he returns.  This should be our pursuit and passion: to use what God has given us (talents, relationships, possessions, etc.) to grow his kingdom.