How to Have Bible-Soaked Relationships

This message focuses on the importance of Bible reading, and more than that, the delight of Bible reading.  God-honoring relationships should be rooted in a love of God’s Word, since it is God’s revelation of himself and his will for us.  What we often miss is the fact that the Bible is a delight!  Hopefully this sermon will inspire you to read it and see for yourself.

Why Mixed Marriages are Dumb

Mixed marriages are dumb.  Not the kind where black people marry white people, but the kind where followers of Jesus marry people who don’t follow Jesus.  Mixed dating is dumb, too.  If it’s foolish to marry someone who hates your God, it’s foolish to date them, too.

And since choosing a spouse is the second most important decision you will ever make (after choosing to follow Jesus), it’s a pretty important discussion.

But why does one’s religion matter so much in choosing a mate??  This message seeks to address this crucial question.

Real Women

This message looks at the wife’s role in marriage.  For this message Lance invited his wife, Suzanne, to come up front with him and discuss what submission looks like in marriage, how husband and wife work together as a team, etc.

Please forgive the technical glitches.  The recording volume is a bit jumpy.

Aliens From Planet Jesus

Probably the best way appreciate God’s instruction in 1 Corinthians 7:8, 25-35 is to you see yourself as an alien!  What Paul the Apostle says here runs so counter to our culture, it is hard to swallow.  Singleness is superior to marriage, the Apostle says, because it frees you up to serve God with fewer distractions.

It seems best in a series on relationships to make this our starting point, to remember that marriage is temporary (there is no marriage in heaven, Jesus said) and that this life is preparation for eternity.