Ephesians 4:25 “Speaking the Truth”

This section of Ephesians gets into practical exhortations for Christians to live by.  Verse 25 covers truth telling and warns us not to lie.  But lying is so pervasive in our culture, how do we swim against that stream?  This message looks at different kinds of lies, why we lie, and why lying is bad, and then unpacks Paul’s challenge to speak the truth.

09,01,13 Ephesians 4,25 Lying

Ephesians 4:17-24: “Put on Your New Self”

This is the “practical” part of Ephesians, the part where God tells us to do stuff: be kind, don’t lie, don’t steal, watch your anger, forgive each other, etc.  In this section the Apostle Paul exhorts us to “put off” our old self and “put on” our new self.  This sermon talks about what that looks like and how to do it.

08,25,13 Ephesians 4,17-24

Ephesians 4:15-16: “Body Life, pt. 4: Growth”

In this message, given by Joshua Smith, we look at how every member of the body of Christ causes the growth of the body of Christ.  Joshua discusses what verse 15 means by “speaking the truth in love,” and how crucial both truth and love are to church growth.

(Note: Unfortunately, the sermon for Part 3 of this series is missing because it did not record properly.)

08,11,13 Ephesians 4,15-16 Joshua

Ephesians 4:11 “Body Life, Pt. 2: Leadership”

Ephesians 4:11 shows us that God gave leaders to the church to equip the church for service.  This is revolutionary in some Western contexts because we hire a pastor and a secretary and hope they get everything done.  That’s not the biblical teaching on ministry: everybody does the ministry.  The leadership is to guide the process, help people find their gifts and talents, and raise people up to serve and lead.  This message also gives a helpful guide for finding your gifts for serving the body of Christ.

07,28,13 Ephesians 4,11

Ephesians 4:1-8 “Body Life, Pt. 1”

This message begins a four-week series on the topic of ecclesiology: the church.  Ephesians refers to Jesus’ followers as the “body of Christ” because each believer is brought into union with Christ when we become Christians.  We are also brought into union with each member of the body of Christ, so that just as we bear a special connection to Christ, we bear a special connection to every other believer also.

This is why Paul exhorts us to maintain the unity of the Spirit: we are in fact one, let’s live like it!  This oneness will show the world that God is doing something in our midst.

07,21,13 Ephesians 4,1-8

Ephesians 3:14-21 “Prayer and the Power of God”

This message wraps up the first half of the book, the “theological” portion, in which the Apostle Paul unpacks the riches of God’s sovereign plan, the mystery of the new people of God, and the inexhaustible love of Christ for us.  As a result of all this, Paul prays that the Ephesians would “tap into” the power of God for their lives.

At the beginning we spend some time talking about the recent renovation of our Nursery and Children’s Worship room, our financial situation as a church, and the need for generosity for our future mission.

07,14,13 Ephesians 3,14-21

Ephesians 3:1-13 “The Church Goes Cosmic!”

This passage of Ephesians brings us face to face with the reality of the spiritual world.  Paul the Apostle says that God is using the church to show his amazing wisdom to the spiritual forces and authorities–meaning, the demonic realm.  It is as if God is showing Satan that he can establish a people for himself who love and serve each other, over against Satan’s desire to bring relational chaos to the world.

This is an amazing passage!  And it forces us to look beyond the here and now and recognize we are a part of the biggest thing in the world: the church.

07,07,13 Ephesians 3,1-10

Lost and Found

This message by Joshua Smith looks at the urgency of the gospel, to save the lost and to restore the righteous to a right understanding of God and his forgiveness.

06,23,13 Joshua Smith

Worship Seminar, Pt. 2

In this session we look at the more narrow definition of worship and then ask: How are we supposed to worship?  We survey biblical aspects of worship, debatable elements of worship, and things that are weird and shouldn’t be done.  Finally, we relate worship to mission, taking in the big picture of the church’s reason for existing and how that relates to music, preaching, prayer, food, fellowship and even the condition of our facilities.

06,16,13 Worship Seminar 2